Passive House Qualified

Passive House Qualified

We are thrilled to announce that Blake Architects' Misha King has recently qualified as a Passive House designer.

Originally from Cheltenham, Misha found his passion for putting sustainability at the forefront of his work early on, developing an interest in building technologies, methods of building construction and materials, which all inform the environmental efficiency of the design.

Interested from the outset in the relationship between historic and modern design, Misha’s early career focused on complex projects in London that helped form his contemporary approach to historic buildings. Joining Blake in 2016, he has concentrated on the modern adaptation of buildings in sensitive contexts.

Misha’s technical knowledge and environmental interest drew him to the Passive House methodology, which is dictated by how heat and energy move through a building. The fundamentals of Passive House are primarily comfort, simplicity of design and excellent insulation that lead to low energy bills and an overall reduced maintenance cost. Importantly, there is no compromise on design with Passive House; the finished product is elegant design that is both simple and sustainable.

Blake Architects specialise in the renovation of traditional Cotswold houses, which themselves are sympathetic to Passive House design with their thick walls and sizeable footprint. Jonathan Nettleton, founder of Blake Architects, commented:

“We value the concepts of Passive House and the rigor in thinking that it encourages. It will be at the forefront of our approach in looking to meet the RIBA 2030 operation carbon targets of < 35 kWh/m2 /y, which require a step change in the industry as whole to deliver. Huge congratulations are due to Misha for his dedication in becoming a Passive House Designer and it is exciting for Blake to be making practical changes to address the climate emergency.”

Misha says: “I care about the environment and I am conscious of the architecture industry’s impact on the world and our legacy for the next generation.  Passive House design  provides so many key elements for the ideal modern home; it offers comfort first and foremost, is cost effective to heat, prevents droughts and the design is beautiful. Not only that, there is a tailored approach to the size and orientation of the windows that also takes the views and angle of the sun into account, resulting in a great amount of light and sense of space. The fact that it happens to be the highest form of environmental accreditation seems to be an added bonus.”