Red Sheds


We were immediately intrigued when our client described Red Sheds to us - and importantly wanted to know if they were Red. Alas any remnants of 'Red' had long ago disappeared and there was a series of barns which the adjacent woods were gradually consuming.

A large part of the success of the project can be put down to the close relationship we had with the Interior Designer & Contractor - Castellum - who we worked with throughout the planning and construction stages. Initially a previously approved utilitiarian planning permission had to be reworked to unlock the potential of the barn and site. This allowed the creation of a first floor bedroom suite and large light open plan living area that looked south over the Coln valley.

Credit for the finishes to the interior must be shared with the Castellum team. Photography by Ed Shepherd.

We also managed to bring an element of the original colour back to the Sheds by the use of red cladding for a barn.

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