Grain Store


The Grain Store was originally designed to be used as a threshing barn that was never in operation due to the advent of the Industrial Revolution. As with all the barns at Bibury, it was too small for modern agricultural use, since tractors could not fit into them and there was insufficient air-flow for livestock.

The Grain Store, which was a ruin when we first saw the site, is now at the heart of the barns at Bibury; it has the largest and highest living space and can cater for large parties. The kitchen is dual aspect, with large sliding screens opening in both directions, allowing guests to enjoy both morning and evening light.

Blake Architects introduced new openings to join parts of the barn and create a simple flow through a large home. We were keen to ensure there was balance in the living quarters and a variety of spaces; somewhere that was comfortable to relax on a winter’s night, a quiet and private study off the living area and a large space for family gatherings. To create the right nighttime ambience, we worked with Pippa Paton on the lighting scheme to create different moods in different spaces, with some lighting pertinent to practical tasks and other options designed to soften and illuminate features of the home.

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