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We initially visited this Cotswold Farmhouse and Barn with our client when it was for sale, acting as a sounding board and an extra set of eyes. We gave guidance on the opportunities on what would be their largest lifetime investment, but more importantly, a home for the rest of their lives. 

Blake prepared a masterplan for the whole farm, considering how they might live, how they might entertain, where they would work when at home, how the garden might be used and importantly, where they could sit to have their sun downers!

Together we then prioritised the immediate repairs within the masterplan that needed to be made. We studied the social and physical history of the house, to allow us to understand how the house had evolved, the elements that had been changed and those that were original.

Understanding the history of the listed farmhouse gave us the knowledge to make informed decisions when we came to plan the remodelling - removing excretions such as modern porches and adding new porches, a full height staircase, canopies and new rear elevation.

These changes unlocked the centre of what had been a dark house, bringing light and creating views through the house to the landscape beyond.

Previously, nearly all historical architectural details had been stripped from the house. We researched what would have been used and took the remaining fragments as our starting point. You might not notice when walking through a house that the skirting boards have an unusual profile or the glazing in a door has the correct proportion, but as a whole, subconsciously you can feel it is just right. The individual parts sing as a chorus.  

We undertook all architectural design work and administered the construction process for the client, liaising with their interior / lighting designers and structural engineer.

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