Cotswold Farmhouse


The next generation is taking on this Cotswold Farmhouse and giving a historic home a new lease of life. 

The Edwardians undertook the last major changes to the farmhouse, by altering much of the layout with extensions to the rear and an additional staircase. Since this time, there have been incremental changes but no cohesive vision, which has led to a house that is poorly suited to modern family life.   

A key element of our brief was to create a large open plan kitchen living area for this young family who are used to this type of lifestyle in their city apartment. We initially explored options to create this space within the main house, however, it quickly became apparent that there was too great a loss of historic fabric and that we would need to explore alternative options. 

This led to us develop two different concepts; one to the side and the other to the rear of the house. Following discussion and negotiation with the local conservation officer, we developed the side extension which took the form of a traditional pitched wing separated from the house with a frameless glass link. Within this extension we are able to create the generous and airy modern living spaces desired, while more formal spaces are retained in the main house for entertaining.

The rest of the house will have a full refurbishment. Whilst there will be change to the house, this is a sympathetic evolution which responds to the Cotswold vernacular and allows a new generation to make their mark, as each has done so before it.

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