Cart Shed


When Blake Architects first saw the Cart Shed, it was dark and derelict. Forgotten farm machinery lay in parts, and the rotten floorboards could not be walked upon.

Now, the Cart Shed is characterised by the large glazed screens which sit behind the original stone pillars and fill the main living space with light. This has retained the appearance of the barn externally and creates a dramatic and light living room.

The Cart Shed conversion joins two elements together: the stables for the house and the Cart Shed for the barns. We created a glazed corridor link between the two which is set back behind a covered bay. This allows an additional bedroom suite to be formed on the ground floor, giving a better balance of accommodation.

This is the smallest of the barns at Bibury and we have taken care to ensure there remain distinctive design elements that create a stunning living space. Whether we have borrowed high level light for bathroom from a corridor, or added a half landing window to look down into the kitchen, these touches unlock unique features and reveal the Cart Shed's individual character.

We have used breathable materials in the conversion. As an example, woodfibre board has been applied to the stone walls with lime plaster which allows the walls to breath, whilst also ensuring the longevity of the fabric and giving a tactile finish that follows the line and quirk of the stone walls.

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