“Intrigued by challenging constraints, unphased by large projects and a little obsessed with detail.”


We believe that every project requires a completely bespoke approach, which is why we don’t have a house style or a generic methodology either.

This flexibility allows us to seamlessly pick up a project at any stage – from tromping the ground looking for a viable site, to taking on a developed business case and an existing building.

How we work

We tailor our approach to suit each project and client, drawing on a wide range of skills and technologies – from sketching and drawing to inspire and innovate, to 3D drafting and modelling, complex environmental simulations and cutting edge virtual reality that allows clients to explore their building before a brick has been laid.

In general, our workflow follows six industry-standard stages – brief, concept design, developed design, technical design, construction and handover. Before undertaking any work, we will set out a clear path and together we will agree a fee for each stage.

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